Crossing the border: everything needs to be converted

Our first trip to the U.S.A. took us from Aldergrove, BC,  across the border to Lynden and we continued on to Bellingham, located in the Pacific North West, towards Chuckanut Drive. We were curious whether the U.S. would be any different from Canada. But at first glance nothing changed at all; the environment from Bellingham …

In Kanadischen Supermärkten gibt es jede Menge lose Lebensmittel.

Shopping starts with a shopping cart

Finally I’ll write something about grocery shopping in Canada. It’s funny; it’s not exactly our first time around in a supermarket but since we live in Canada we’re having a hard time shopping because we can’t unlock the shopping carts. The coin just doesn’t fit in the slot to unlock the mechanism. But every adventurer …

Einfahrt zu MK'MIP Campingplatz in Osoyoos

Osoyoos – Staying with the First Nations

We stayed at probably our most beautiful campground so far, the Nk’MIP (pronounced in-ka-meep) campground. It is operated by the Osoyoos First Nations Band and is located in a reserve in the fertile Okanagan Valley in southern British Columbia. The campground is part of a resort which also includes a 4-star hotel, a winery, golf …

Die Band Sunny Boys spielte auf dem Oktoberfest in Osoyoos.

Oktoberfest in the Canadian country side

Osoyoos is a town of approximately 5000 people located in the southern part of the Okanagan Valley, southern BC. The fertile valley is nationally known for its orchards and vineyards. Osoyoos has the highest average temperatures in Canada, which is one of the reasons why many retirees live here. Between locals, visitors and Canadian campers, …

Kreativer Hotdog mit Pommes aus Süßkartoffeln im Waterton Lakes National Park

Young Canadian Hot Dogs

Three young Canadians from Waterton turned their vision into reality by selling special hot dogs. They grew up in the vicinity of Waterton Lakes National Park and realized tourists needed something else in addition to the existing expensive restaurants: a place where you can enjoy a good meal for a reasonable price.

Bärentatzen-Abdruck im matischigen Boden

Tracking – more exciting than a thriller

Catherine Reynolds picks up a piece of a deer’s antlers and explains that deer repel their antlers each year. Two small indentations are being identified as traces of deer teeth that have scraped this piece of antler. Females do this to get calcium for milk production; male animals need calcium to build their antlers. Christine …

Weite Sicht von der Prärie auf die Rocky Mountains

Where Prairie and Mountains meet

We’re leaving the impressive Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park in the company of a warm, strong wind. We’re off to Waterton Lakes National Park in southwestern Alberta; where the prairie and the Rocky Mountains meet. The little-used Highway 501 near the U.S. border leads us to this place. Soon the Rocky Mountains become visible. It is still …