Young Canadian Hot Dogs

Creative hot dog with sweet potato fries at Waterton Lakes National Park
Creative hot dog with sweet potato fries at Waterton Lakes National Park
Three young Canadians from Waterton turned their vision into reality by selling special hot dogs. They grew up in the vicinity of Waterton Lakes National Park and realized tourists needed something else in addition to the existing expensive restaurants: a place where you can enjoy a good meal for a reasonable price.

This is how the two brothers Max and Jon Low and Jon’s wife Leigh came up with Wieners of Waterton. A snack of a special kind, it is also an opportunity for them to finance their education.

You can find the bright colored, handwritten menu on a board above the counter. Step one: choose sausage. There is a sausage made of pork, the typical hot dog sausage, and a beef sausage. The beef sausages are made by a butcher in the area. Step two: grill sausage. Step three: choose trimmings. Your choices are: special sauce, mustard, sauerkraut, onions, peppers, sour pickles and potato chips. Usually people choose several ingredients. There are super crispy sweet potato fries that taste really good, better than we expected – we never ate sweet potato fries before. Even the dips for the chips are special. In addition to ketchup we can choose from mayo crisp, rosemary-parmesan and wasabi ginger.

For us, the sausages do have nothing in common with Vienna sausages, they are much thicker, but apparently for Canadians the Vienna Sausage is a term.

The brothers Max (ri) and Jon (le) and Jon's wife Leigh of The Wieners of Waterfon
The brothers Max (ri) and Jon (le) and Jon’s wife Leigh of The Wieners of Waterfon
The three entrepreneurs opened their business in June 2010 and this is their second year. They are very satisfied with their business, which is open during the summer season from June to early October and which helps to fund their travel and education. Until shortly before opening they had been working under high pressure in order to get everything ready. They painted the walls and designed the bar themselves. None of them had worked in a kitchen before. Good for you! We wish you continued success and we can highly recommend the Wieners of Waterton. We chose the beef sausage, sauerkraut and other ingredients of course. New for us was the uncooked, cold sauerkraut. It tasted delicious.

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