Ready to order – ready for questions!

In the first weeks, it’s even adventurous to order a coffee, and a sandwich. Whether it is Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Mac Donalds or even in a good restaurant; you have to be prepared for unexpected questions. As an example, we’ll tell you about our Tim Horton’s experience:

First we take a look at the menu on the wall, and I am happy about the lineup, as it will give me adequate time.  I order a Caffe Latte and an Apple Fritter. “What size?” Luckily I informed myself, and know that there is medium, large and xtra large. I order “medium”. “China cup, or to go?” As a „good German“ I am trying to avoid extra garbage, so I opt for the mug. And drinking out of a mug is more sophisticated than out of a cardboard cup. After a short breather, I am already faced with the next question, which I hardly understand (the Canadian English is a bit of a challenge for us), but I guessed right “sweetend or not”? “not sweetened”, I answer. There are no questions asked, when it comes to the Apple Fritter, WOW!

Frank is ordering a Caffe Latte Caramel and a “Swiss Ham and Cheese” Bagel. “What kind of bagel?” ‘cheese, everything, cinnamon raisin, sesame seed, 12 grain, blueberry, plain, whole-wheat or honey?” as soon as the last choice was mentioned, we’ve already forgotten the first ones. We must have looked frazzled, but the lady asks: “which one would you like?” Our faces say “ no clue”. The clerk was patient with us, and Frank decided to take the cheese bagel. We pay and find our order on a tray, on the counter next to us. We grab the tray, find a table, and enjoy “coffee time – the Canadian Way”

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