Let’s go now

We leave Vancouver for the “Sunshine Coast” where it is sunny as soon as the rain stops; as a local explains to us. Just north of Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast can only be reached by ferry.

The crossing is spectacular; the water is deep green, hills and snowcapped mountains complete the scenery.

View from the ferry

We arrive at the ferry terminal in Langdale, where we find a Supermarket, Starbucks etc… thankfully not confirming our worries, that we should have maybe done all our grocery shopping on the main land. It’s a bit different here; more laid back. We discover neat coffee shops, small art shops, and a few Bed & Breakfasts. We park our RV on a Provincial Park, and find out that there is no water or electricity hook-up.

A provincial park on the Sunshine Coast

We trade the missing power from the plug with nature and the apparent company of a black bear, which we do not get to meet.

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