Arrival in Vancouver

After a ten and a half hour flight, we landed in Vancouver in June 2011, our hand luggage full of important documents, such as Int’l birth certificates, report cards, bank statements, and most important, the document, that confirms our workpermit for Canada and our landed immigrant status.

On the soft carpet of the Arrival Terminal, we’re walking towards our “new life” while admiring the clean and beautifully designed Vancouver airport. Somewhere water was rushing like in a creek and in a different spot a waterfall dropped over an artistically designed wall. In front a wooden sculpture with native art. We are overwhelmed with the special atmosphere, that made our arrival very comfortable.

Immigrants in distress?

While “all the others” cleared customs as visitors, a sign reading “IMMIGRANTS” guided us to the right. A strange feeling to be Immigrants, as the word is often connected to people, who fled a country for political, social or financial reasons. But we are looking for something, that we believe, we will find in Canada. How it will end remains to be seen. A friendly Lady welcomed us, and made us aware of important government offices, important to new immigrants. With WELCOME TO CANADA, she sent us to a waiting area until all the formalities were completed.

Now, our adventure can begin. Within the next 4 weeks, we intend to buy an RV and travel through Canada. We will report about the RV lifestyle, the country, the people and everything that will move us, as Newcomers. We’ll invite you to join our journey.

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