A typical Canadian Family?

We could not drive very far today, as an accident blocked Hwy 97 for several hours, so we stopped in Quesnel. The next leg of our journey took us to Burns Lake on Hwy 16, where we met the nicest “Canadian” family.

The campfire custom

It seems to be quite normal for campers to invite others to the campfire for a drink. This family is part British (Dad) and part Canadian (Mom & 5 kids). The family lived for 7 years in Great Britain, and now 13 years in Canada, where Russel (Dad) says that it is not himself , but the Canadians, who have an accent while speaking English.

Russel met Gillian on a ski vacation in Kitzbuehl, Austria. Gillian loves the “Gemuetlichkeit” while skiing; something that is difficult to find in North America. The family including their 5 children are tenting! A huge tarp hanging over the camping table; they have a great outdoor kitchen.  There are chairs for us around the campfire, and the children Jessica, Alex, Griffin, Emilia and Rosi entertain us with stories, and by simply being around.

We talk about everything and anything; languages, Immigration, life in general; all while someone is keeping the fire going. Russel and Gillian learnt a bit of German during their visits to Kitzbuehl. Gillian is full of energy, and we can invision her being on stage touring the world.

All in the same boat

The next morning, we watch in Ah, how all the equipment and all 7 persons are “packed” into one car. The roof  and a big box on the rear bumper receiver are full to the rim. We exchange business cards, say good-bye with hugs and kisses, and they return to Vancouver, while we are headed north. We are thrilled about this – maybe not quite typical – Canadian family.

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