RV adventure for wheelchair bound guests

One does not have to relinquish “soft adventure”, because of a physical handicap. Living proof are Ursula and Ella from Holland, whom we met 3 weeks ago, when they picked up their RV from Fraserway in Delta.

The 27ft class C motor home was specifically designed to accommodate guests, who are bound to a wheelchair. Now we met them again on the parking lot at Naim Falls Provincial Park north of Whistler.The smart design includes a hydraulic platform that lifts and lowers the wheelchair; anchors along the floor to secure the wheelchair while driving, and a handicapped accessible shower and toilet.

The vehicle can be equipped with hand controls, if necessary. Both Ursula and Ella are enthusiastic about the RV, and how “wheelchair–friendly” infrastructure, and people are in Canada. Only once in 3 weeks did they experience a non-wheelchair accessible museum.

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