Moving in a hotel

We are moving. Our destination is a hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta. We presented there our resumes in September. Early in February we received an email in which both of us was offered a position. Now it’s coming soon.

Within the next days we will start to drive the 1.200 km with our motor home and the car. We expect four days traveling. As we are crossing the Rocky Mountains we have to consider the road- and weather-conditions. The car is equipped with winter tires and for the motor home we are prepared with snow chains.

„Our“ Hotel

Waterton Glacier Suites is a luxury hotel with 26 suites. We will be responsible as hotel- and housekeeping managers. The hotel is located in the middle of the little village of Waterton in the National Park.

The National Park

See our Waterton Video on Youtube. We earlier published some articles about Waterton, which are

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