Construction sites – real eye catchers

or the four seasons of the Yukon

Construction sites are in Canada – at least for men – real eye catchers! Traffic at construction sites, both in town and on country roads, are not regulated by traffic lights but by good-looking women.

They are equipped with a sign. It shows the word “stop” on one side and “slow” on the other. The women carry a wireless device and a helmet, often on top of their long braids. They are young, dynamic and very nice – most of them are waving friendly to us.

We recently had the opportunity to make a picture of one of those nice ladies, as we passed a construction site in Whitehorse on our bikes. There was not much going on that day, so we chatted a bit with her. She told us about the seasons in the Yukon, which was very interesting to us because we lived on Tenerife over the last years, also known as the island of eternal spring.

“Here in the Yukon we have four seasons,” explained the nice lady while she showed the waiting cars the stop-side of her sign. “We have ‘almost winter’, ‘winter’, ‘still winter’ and ‘road construction”.

We already heard that the roads are pretty beaten up here in the north during the winter. Constant repairs and renovations are needed, which can be carried out only during the brief summer period.

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