Canada in a loving way

We could have easily spent 3 Weeks on the Sunshine Coast, a truly recreational gem with beaches, coves and forest trails.


Native nostalgy

Standing on a cliff overlooking all the small Islands, Frank says to me: “I’d love to be a Native and walk with Moccasins through the forest. “and sleep in a tent without shower or toilet” I add.

Sunshine Coast

We are impressed by the lovely small towns, like Sechelt, which lies between two bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean, and the very long Sechelt Inlet. Egmont, at the end of the peninsula, is home of the “Skookumchauck Narrows”; a very special current, that invites freestyle kayakers.

Sunshine Coast

The waters around the Sunshine Coast are also a “Mecca” for deep-sea-divers.

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