Real Canadian breakfast

The Parking Brake is completely separate from the regular brakes, but the mechanic suggested checking the Parking Brake system. A switch and brake fluid should be replaced according to the technician, so we decided to go for breakfast in Cloverdale.

The architecture resembles many small towns that we have seen so far. Most buildings are maximum 2 stories high and look like the one’s we know from “Wild West Movies”; except that there are cars instead of horses in front of the buildings, and the road is paved. We choose a restaurant inside a hotel, and immediately felt like we were back in the 50’s.  Tables with plastic table clothe typical chairs with metal frames, red artificial leather seat covers, and green walls.

Breakfast in Cloverdale

An older couple in “Salvation Army Uniforms” sits at the window. The landlord is an Asian Man, whose English is very difficult for us to understand. Frank orders fried potatoes with bacon and eggs (sunny side up).

Real Canadian breakfast

I am having pancakes with scrambled eggs. For the first time, we experience the “North American Coffee Ritual” the coffee is poured at the table and we will get as much coffee as we like, but only pay for one cup!  The pancakes are a bit dry, despite maple syrup and butter. But the “Retro-Atmosphere” makes up for it. We would have never experienced this restaurant without the brake problem.

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