Motor home – interiour

We now live in our RV for a month. According to the American classification, it is a Class A motor home, which is a fully integrated in German camper. That means the cab is part of the living area and not as an alcove with a quasi-separated crossing. What else is in there you will learn here.

Driver and front passenger seat can be rotated, so that creates a living room with three chairs and a sofa.

Living room

Which includes the kitchen with a dining area. The bedroom with a queen called Iceland’s bed from the living area by the bathroom and shower separated, which can be connected with two doors to a room.


Power Supply

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, 3 burner gas stove and a gas stove, unfortunately there is no dishwasher.


Sofa and dinette can be converted into beds, so that night up to 6 people could – hopefully that never happens …

To supply our camper has a connection for mains water and electricity when you’re on a campsite and a fresh water tank via a pump which supplies water to the bathroom and the kitchen sink when they camped without water.

Connector for tap water

For independent power supply, it has two 6 volt batteries, which are separate from the vehicle battery with the engine running but will be charged. Since the batteries only provide the 12 volt supply, this motor home has a generator, with the air conditioner is operated, but all receptacles that provide 120 volts. The generator, we rarely stop, since he caused an annoying noise and fuel consumption. However, he would never suck up the gas tank empty. He works only as long as the tank is more than a third full, so you can go away again.


For disposal, there are two tanks, a so-called gray water and black water tank. In the former, all the water flows from sinks and washbasins and shower, the toilet water flows into the latter. To avoid unpleasant odors and to improve waste management to fill in the empty black water tank above the toilet special chemicals. The waste tanks are emptied through a corresponding tube. This can be in campgrounds, gas stations, or even as many make Canadian Tire, a home improvement chain, but less and less free.


Entertainment is provided by a television that receives terrestrial television via a hinged antenna on the roof. This technique, however, is obsolete because the terrestrial signal in Canada at the 30th August 2011 is switched off and replaced by digital television. The TV is mounted in the cab above the windshield. For a VCR or DVD player, some cables and space were available. But the best TV is below the windshield.

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