Glitches and waiting periods

The first RV week is filled with waiting for our belongings and some glitches: We can’t get the Hot Water Heater to start, and the problem can’t be solved over the telephone. We drive to the dealership, where a technician gets it going; just needed a good shaking.

We stay in Abbotsford, arrange for a Cube Van to transport our goods and look for a storage place. We need a full day to empty our boxes with content for the RV.

We drive to Delta to say “good-bye” to the Fraserway Rental staff, when we experience a problem and great customer service. The warning light for the Parking Brake appeared, and luckily two Fraserway technicians were on hand, even though it was 5 minutes to closing time. One of the wires came lose, and was re-attached. This solved the problem, but we checked the brakes anyways the very next day.

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