Details about our Motorhome

Our MotorhomeLet me give you some technical details about our Motorhome we bought from the company Fraserway RV. RV is the abreviation for Recreational Vehicle. As it is a 11 year old used rig, it was quite affordable for us. However it had only 58.023 kilometers and the interior was clean and carefully used.

So it was obvious that the former owner used it not too much and that the age of the unit didn’t count as much.

It is astonishing for us that we haven’t find any information about the technical details of the chassis which was built by Workhorse (a GM subsidiary). The engine is a V8 or V10 gas (petrol) motor with cylinder capacity of 6.8 or 7.4 liters – I couldn’t find out yet. And it has a lot of power (maybe 290 hp).

What the cylinder capacity is here in Europe we look for such a consumption. We had now two refills and we feared a little bit the result of it. So the first showed us a consumption of 28 l/100 km and today we only used 24 l/100 km. It is not astonishing has that Motorhome a aerodynamic resistance like a oiltanker on the ocean. Today we filled the tank with 155 liters for 200 $ (approx. 146 € or 128 £).

The coach is built by the American company Fleetwood. It is 32 ft (9.70 m) long an 102 inch (2.60 m) wide. 11 ft. (3.60 m) high and weighs more than 6.000 kg. We have a nice awning which not only protects against sun it is also very helpful by rain. At the rear we attached a bike rack to transport our two bicycles we decided to buy. More professional RVers tow a car but we hope to get a bit more sportive with our bikes but the damned hills…

The motorhome cost 29,000 $ (Canadian) + 12 % HST (Tax).

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