A key story

While traveling from Tenerife to Germany on May 11, I suddenly realized we had no keys anymore. No house keys, no car keys… The cars were sold and we abandoned the apartment. For the first time since I had left my parents’ home, I was key-less.

I’ve always tried to have as few keys with me as possible and I felt sorry for the people who carried around a big bunch of keys.

Keyless freedom

Not a single key in my pocket. Feelings of freedom and new beginnings came over me – I was really happy. Owning a key also means that an object has to be protected, because it could be stolen. Michaela was also aware of this key moment; she wanted to use our new key chain for the first time – we had no keys that we could attach to it.

Former homeland cast in silver

Since we are in Canada, my keychain is bulkier than ever before. The motorhome needs seven keys: one for the entrance door, one for ignition, outdoor fan, bicycle racks, fresh water tank, fuel tank and one for the engine cover. Long live the central locking system! Those keys are attached to a special key chain: the island of Tenerife cast in silver. A gold dot marks the place where we have lived for 8 years: Santa Ursula.

New key chain

Inge and Peter Heiser, both goldsmiths, made this exceptional piece of jewelry for us. They have a very nice shop opposite hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz in north Tenerife. All their creations are very unusual and beautiful. Visit them one day and say hello from us. I am very grateful and proud of this gift and I show it to many people to explain where we have spent the last years.

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